Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day 1 for the Internet. Day 1 for Marko.

Jeff Bezos had famously said that this is Day 1 for the internet, referring to the fact that the internet is still in its infancy stage.

I'd like to say the same about my coding skills! Today, I say, is day 1 to code.

I, Marko Calvo-Cruz, am 19 years old and though it may or may not be too late to become a CS Major (if I wanted to), it is not too late to learn to program (if I want to, and I do). (But jokes aside it's really never too late- before starting this endeavor, I read stories of 30 year olds teaching themselves to program and finding jobs at Facebook and Google. All it takes is some motivation, K?)

With this blog, I want to document my progress starting as a blank sheet of paper waiting to be colored and doodled on by lecture courses, projects, and books.

The language I'll be starting with is Ruby. Which means the projects I'll be doing will be more web-development oriented rather than software engineering.

After reading a lot of Quora articles on how to get started with programming, I decided that to get my toes wet, I will start with TeamTreeHouse courses, specifically the first I'll be doing is the "Basics of Ruby" which will probably have finished by the time you read this.

I chose Teamtreehouse for its simplicity and because the courses they offer are extremely interactive, making it an active learning process rather than passive.

Also, they offer a 14 day free trial which is amazing- and student discounts thereafter.

The following posts I post on this site will be in a concise format without the fluff, stating my progress, observations I've had, and any other interesting remarks. I'll also share all of the resources I'm using here.

You can expect 1-2 updates per week.

That's all. I'm really looking forward to this.

OH, before I forget- here are some useful links to start off.

I found that Quora is a great resource for someone that wants to learn how to code, the community is vibrant and there's a 95% chance that somebody already asked whatever question you have and found an answer. I recommend checking it out.

Just a reminder that this is not my main blog, to go to my main blog, please visit this link.

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