Sunday, December 21, 2014

Taking a Different Direction with Coding

Because of the holidays- I have not the time to code as much as I'd like. But now I'm busy as ever!

First things first. For those who don't know, Food for Thought is my main squeeze.  And so,  I have a keen interest in customizing it's theme and design for a while to differentiate my style along with the content. I am going to spend less time with Ruby on Rails, brush up on my HTML and CSS, and possibly also begin PHP.

(If you don't care- skip on to here (don't worry, my feelings are only mildly hurt)).

This is why.

To change my website's theme to look the way I'd like it to, I need CSS.

For CSS, I'll use CodeAcademy (because I've used Teamtreehouse and W3School to learn HTML and CSS in the past and I want to see how differences in teaching style might affect the way I absorb information).

I've also needed plugins specifically for my website and I'm too distrustful and impatient to look through dozens of different plugins when it's likely that I'll want to tinker with them regardless of choice.

There's nothing else to say on the topic, but I'll just say one more thing.

I wouldn't recommend to anyone that they try to learn two programming languages simultaneously, especially if they are beginners like me. Especially especially if they are also juggling a third project (or job, school, etc). It wasn't an easy decision to make and I don't know if I'll stick with it but for now, I'm in it to win it- Game on.

My Progress with One Month Rails
For everyone else who doesn't care, here's been my progress with One Month!

I'm on Day (13/30) of One Month, so far we've (and by we I mean I) been introduced to Bootstrap, which is a program that basically makes your websites look real pretty real fast. It was made by the founders ofTwitter and interestingly, many popular websites you know use it (like Twitter!).
  • I've learned how to easily integrate Bootstrap with my Rails project. Adding different components from Bootstrap to my project according to their functions, and I learned the basics of customizing these components.
  • I've learned how to create Navigation bars (WOOOHOOO).

There's not much to say because mainly I've been (in the little amount of time I had to work this week) familiarizing myself with Bootstrap's different components.

If you're a web developer, there's a high probability that bootstrap be a good friend of yours so this is pretty significant I think. 

Cons of Bootstrap- as many people suggest, since it's so popular among website builders, you'll have a difficult time differentiating your website's design with others. This may not be a bad thing as some people noticed, because then it allows you to compare a website based on its utility rather than its sexy appeal. 

Eg: One Month Rails has a great website not because it's beautifully designed but because it's very good for teaching ruby on rails.

That's all I have to say, deuces folks. 

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