Monday, December 15, 2014

Initial Impression of One Month Rails (12/15/14)

I've had One Month Rails for 2 days and I'm on Day (5/30).

  • One Month Rails is run by a small-knit team of less than 10 people I believe. 
  • The course I'm learning is taught by the CEO of the company -- Mattan Griffel, an active member of the Quora community (which means he's often talking to users and potential users).
  • They were slow to respond to a problem I had signing up (they were rejecting my debit card!) but after a few hours, the problem resolved itself.
  • To their credit, they are very welcoming and seem like very personable people to talk to.  The executives themselves take the proper measures needed to make their customers feel comfortable approaching them with a problem and making them feel as if they are now part of a small community. That's a plus to me when shitty customer service is the standard in many industries
  • The first few videos show you a very easy way to install all of the programs you'll ever need to code with Rails. Honestly, I appreciated their approach to this since I think I would've needed to spend hours if I was left to figure it out myself.
  • The next few videos show you the bare basics of using the Command Line and explaining why it'll be relevant to your project. They give you extra resources if you want to learn more on whatever topic they are talking about if you're interested. They also set you up with Github, also a daunting process made easy.
Right now I feel like a spectator following along as we are setting everything up, but I have a feeling that'll change as we dive into the actual learning. 

Finally, the course assumes you have no prior knowledge going into the subject, the instructor's voice is easy to listen to, he goes at a good pace, and the video allows you to speed up or slow down to your preference. 

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